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Edgar’s 2000 EM1 Honda Civic SI

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We set out to Puerto Rico this past weekend to do some promotion for our upcoming Tuner Evolution Show at the San Juan Convention Center in June. While we were out there, we had the chance to check out Edgar’s Honda Civic Si from Hypermeet & Pit Stop Pop Up. Although we expected to see a simple and clean build, we were floored with how beautiful this car was put together.

We want to start off by thanking Edgar for saving a Honda time capsule. As the years pass, we are seeing less and less of these late 20th century Honda classics, especially a 2000 Civic Si’, let alone one this clean and still so close to OEM spec. We can all appreciate the vibrant Milano Red color, which is one of 3 color options available on the Si model back in 99/00. This car starts right up and idles like a dream. Ed chose to keep it nostalgic with the original b16a2 that Honda equipped these machines with from the factory. The B16a2, although being the smallest of the Honda DOHC engine family, still packs a punch with its high revving capabilities and it’s reliability. This little b16 has a few supporting mods to help it hold its own on those cruises with the crew. Ed upgraded from the standard distributor set up and opted for a Hondata coil pack conversion along with the Hondata s300 ECU management. A custom intake and Skunk2 intake manifold help the 1.6 liter engine breath a little better backed with a classic Toda exhaust manifold. Pushing fuel up into the engine is a full Radium fuel system and external fuel cell. 

This EM1 rolls comfortably on Function and Form Type II suspension and an aggressive looking set of white Group B wheels. With a 15×9 in front and a 15×8 offset in the back, this civic coupe looks tough, but still rides very close to stock. The J’s Racing fenders, matched with the ModePerfume front lip and and side skirts, give the EM1 simple yet eye catching details! Sitting inside this build is another story. The auto power roll bar sitting behind the Bride Zeta bucket seats gives the car a steerable race car feel, while maintaining comfort. A Momo Vintage Spec steering wheel paired with the Circuit Hero wheel hub sits dead center of the factory Si cluster.

Overall this EM1 definitely stands out for more than one reason. But as you dig deeper into the build you really get to see all the small details Edgar has put into his civic, from small decals to subtle and sleek styling. His future plans for the car are just to put his Red TE wheels on and enjoy the car for what it is, his “Timeless Build”. 

Above the car itself, Edgar proved to be a true OG car guy. He and his crew are as authentic as it gets. Daily garage hangs and building amazing machines under the hot sun of Puerto Rico, Spending a day with Ed and his crew will not only give you the chance to be around some fascinating builds, but it will remind you what the car culture is truly about. Simple times, good friends, great laughs and building for the passion of building, not for the recognition of others. 

If you ever get a chance to visit Puerto Rico, look Edgar up at @hypermeet and go show some love! You won’t be disappointed.

Author and Photographer: MRSGPsociety

Written by: Jtezza

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