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The Build Behind the Billboard – Marby’s NSX

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Many have seen the iconic Tuner Evolution billboard in Philadelphia with the stunning blue Acura NSX on the front, so we felt that it was important to tell the story of the build behind the billboard! This NSX actually belongs to someone that TE considers part of our family, Marby from Regiment Zero

We recently had the chance to meet up with him in “his old neighborhood” for dinner, Chinatown, NYC, and got the scoop on why this particular car is so important. 

We couldn’t tell this story without a little history about the Acura NSX, which was designed by Honda to be a work of performance art, with the original all aluminum mid-engine, pushing 270 horsepower, and handling shaped by the three-time world champion, Ayrton Senna, who sent the engineers back to redesign the chassis to be stiff enough to literally perform for a legend.

Marby’s owned it for almost a decade, and looking back, he reflects on his search for “something iconic, something that not many had, a rare sight, Honda blood, aluminum chassis, Senna history, and an exotic appearance.” I’ve never heard a better description encompassing everything that the NSX is.
He found it at a private dealership in New Jersey, through an online post, and he has made significant modifications over the years. To name a few, the Comptech Whipple supercharger, AEM Series 2 ECU, AEM Methanol Injections, 1000ccInjector Dynamics, Pride Headers, test pipes, and exhaust, an Exedy Stage 3 Single Disc 6 Puck Clutch and Flywheel, KW Clubsport Coilovers, and Comptech Front and Rear Sway Bars with Adjustable Links. Other than the numerous performance modifications, he also has added a Custom Alcantara Suede Narita Dogfight Steering Wheel (177/200). 

His favorite part of the car is the way it drives, appropriately. “The solid suspension and wheels feel good, and the confidence around the turns. The top end is nice, but the gears are long.” He said, and he loves the high rpm’s and adrenaline at the track so much, he has withdrawals. 

Even with all of these detailed modifications, Marby says that it is not the final form, and he still has so much to do, which of course is any real build. He says there is not enough time in a day, but hard work, motivation, and staying humble have gotten him this far in his builds and life. Happiness is what he works for, and his goals keep him motivate, his family keeps him alive, he is careful with his trust, and his circle is small but his family is big.

Catch Marby, his NSX, and the rest of the Tuner Evo family this weekend at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center!

Written by: Jtezza

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