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Richie’s 2002 Subaru WRX (GDA)

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As one of the most underrated builds we have ever come across, this Subi holds a special place in our hearts and we felt compelled to shine some light on this immaculate build. Although Richie has had the WRX for 3 years now, he was actually well known for his prior Voltex Mitsubishi Evo build. Controversial right? 

So why did he completely flip to Subaru? Well he confessed that he has always loved the WRXs since they first arrived in the USA with the Mitsubishi Evo. After his long run with the Evo, he left the car game for almost 7 years. Once he got the itch to get back into the game, he found that the Evo 9 prices had increased substantially and when you’re used to building a car inside and out, it’s not feasible to start with an expensive base. 

As if it was destiny, out of nowhere, the same week he started looking to get back into the car scene, the original owner of the wrx came into Richie’s dealership to trade it in! “I was so happy to see a clean title manual WRX in front of me! It had crossed my mind before about getting one but this was just fate putting it right then & there.” 

Currently the engine is the original EJ205 with a Cobb intake, turbo XS front mount Intercooler, Invidia down-pipe, and an HKS exhaust. The car sits on BC coilovers and the headlights and grill are the JDM versions paired with a Greddy front lip with Voltex side skirts, rear diffuser, and wing. The side fender markers and antenna have been shaved, and Richie had the car painted the incomparable Atlantis Blue from BMW. Original Subaru JDM side markers were also added and the rear taillights and bumper were converted to the 04-06 version for an updated look. The full interior was redone with black alcantara  suede. He added a classic set of Sparco seats with Yashio Factory harnesses, and a Drift Shop max leather steering wheel with Works bell hub. On the exterior, he also added the STI Brembo brakes with power slot rotors, with a pop of color from the racing raspberry powder coat. 

Like many of us, the love for building cars is rooted in our upbringing, our family, friends, our memories. When we asked what his favorite modification on the car was, he said the reputable Work Meister S1 3 piece wheels, since they’re the exact color and style as those that his dad previously had on his 350Z. “He’s the reason why I love cars so much and I wanted to add something to this car in order to represent him,” said Richie.

Anyone who has built a car knows that the entire experience is a long and ever-changing process. Often our car becomes a reflection of our own growth as it evolves. For the future of this WRX, Ritchie intents on finishing up the engine bay. Because the engine has higher miles, he has opted to do a full rebuild while deleting and shaving some components of the bay. Although he already has a new turbo and full fuel kit for the car, he can’t wait to get started on the next chapter of this journey. 

Be sure to check out this beautiful Subaru WRX in person at TunerEvo’s “The Setup” next month in Orlando, Florida on April 22, 2023.

Written by: Jtezza

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