Saturday, April 17, 2021 - 10am

Countdown to The Setup: Miami

The Setup: Miami Pricing

Vehicle Registration
  • Admission for driver & passenger
  • Must be screened and approved
  • Includes shirt, lanyard, sticker & more!
Miami Supercar Rooms


The term 'Supercar' evokes the mind to envisage a collaboration of automobile engineering with detailed aesthetics and a desire to push the boundaries. With this imagination comes the possibility of creating exceptional pieces of automotive history. These pieces become integral to shaping the future and become highly collectable due to the nature of their limited numbers and rarity, thus making them highly desirable.

A Supercar Rooms Experience engages all sensory perceptions, enabling the guest to have a heightened understanding of the foundations of where, how and why certain characteristics evoke such powerful engagement. SCR ensures that no details are spared in curating an event filled with content and interaction whilst always delivering on the highest level of hospitality.