"The Tuner Evolution family has been very involved with every aspect of the car scene, including wheel manufacturers. Jay and his team have worked together with us on exposing our brands to the community in Philly, Charlotte & now Daytona. It has been nothing but continued growth throughout the years and we hope to continue on with TE in the future."

Steve Sargente

"As an automotive photographer and cinematographer, my job is to capture experiences and environments in real time to express to the world. Over the years, Tuner Evolution has become one of the greatest experiences I’ve had the pleasure of capturing. With all of the events I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my career, Tuner Evolution is by far worlds ahead of others. Some events make my job harder to make look interesting, or entertaining. Whether it be by the layout, quality of cars, the people, or things to do at an event. Tuner Evolution lacks none of these. Tuner Evolution has been the only show I’ve ever filmed that carries multiple elements in their event’s for everyone to enjoy. Whether it is the 250+ high quality cars, model lounge & bikini contest, BMX & RC Drifting demo’s, the dozens of vendors to interact and network with, live music artist performances, and more. This results in constant energy, from roll in to roll out. The enthusiasts and their friends who attend these events are always pleased walking around the venue, constantly in awe of what they are seeing live under one roof. Whether it was Philadelphia, Daytona Beach, or Charlotte, thousands of spectators all feel they have gotten the value they paid for to attend Tuner Evolution, often staying for the entire duration of the show. Tuner Evolution is a brand I hope to continue moving forward with for years to come. "

Anthony Purcell
Owner, Halcyon Photo & Cinema

"We've been partnered with Tuner Evolution for many years and we're extremely appreciative of all the support. The staff of Tuner Evolution continue to do what the name of their event states - evolve. From their humble beginnings to their current evolved state, each year they prove that their organizational skills, team growth and supportive foundation are key ingredients to a successful event. We look forward to Tuner Evolution 2014 and beyond!"

Randi Bentia
Audience Development Manager, Performance Auto & Sound Magazine (PASMAG)

"The Tjin Edition Tour has been part of some of the best shows around the Country, and the Tuner Evolution show definitely ranks among the top tier shows that the Tjin Edition Tour has been part of. The 2013 Tuner Evolution show had all the elements to make the show successful and 2014 should be even more exciting and spectacular. We look forward to seeing what the 2014 Tuner Evolution show has in store, and if you are looking for a show that reaches not only the competitors, but also the spectators, Tuner Evolution is the show for you."

Neil Tjin
Tjin Edition Tour

"As an automotive showmanship event producer and manager I have been involved with over 300 custom car shows in the last decade. It is exciting to see true enthusiasts getting themselves involved in the industry. Jay and his team understand what the car community wants and have developed their event to cater to the true automotive connoisseur, putting the car community before the music models and other entertainment."

Andy Goodman
Promotor, Motorama Events

"What I love about Tuner Evolution is it is one of the rare events you can actually turn a profit from on the sales side. Over the years I have recommended many of the clients I manage such as BASF Refinish, TAKATA Racing, AMSOil, VP Racing Fuels, and Yonaka Motorsports and they have all at least broke even with the amount invested to sales and profits from his events. Most events are tailored around just branding, and the ROI aspect is something you struggle to actually put a number on. Jay's network of car enthusiasts, tuner shops, and show attendees are the right target demo we seek on a constant basis. What else I really love is that Jay is an enthusiast and constantly puts his partners in front of his audience all year long! No other event I have been involved with has a cult following like his show, period. This is relevant because my clients sell products all year long, not just during a set period of time."

Brian Fox
Brand Consulting Architect, Fox Marketing